About the eSub4Pub System

What’s eSub4Pub? It is an interactive online system that allows authors to choose multiple target journals, and journals to select suitable manuscripts. This dual-directional selection system speeds up peer-review and publication processes, prevents duplicate or multiple submission, and helps journals recruit high-quality manuscripts. In the meantime, the system also provides a platform for those experts who are willing to voluntarily review manuscripts to showcase and build up their reputation and academic record.

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How does eSub4Pub Work

  1. The author submits the manuscript into the system, and may elect to select target journals (upon payment), or not to select target journals (free of charge). The manuscript is accessible to all journals that have paid to recruit manuscripts, regardless of the option chosen.
  2. The author has an option, upon payment, to use the manuscript-journal Matching Tool to select target journals.
  3. Editors of journals that the author has targeted may select and claim the manuscript, free of charge.
  4. Editors of journals may select and claim any manuscript, upon payment, that has not been targeted to any other journal.
  5. The journal editor has an option, upon payment, to use the manuscript-journal Matching Tool to select appropriate manuscripts.
  6. A Transfer Tool is used to transfer manuscripts/documents from the eSub4Pub system to the journal's manuscript submission system. The eSub4Pub system is configured to transfer manuscripts/documents with Publine ®.

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Who Will Benefit from eSub4Pub


  1. Each manuscript can be viewed by multiple journals at the same time.
  2. Being claimed by the journal which is interested in your manuscript will greatly increase the acceptance of your manuscript.
  3. eSub4Pub will coordinate with the journal to shorten the process time of your manuscript.
  4. As a result, publication of your work is accelerated.


  1. eSub4Pub provides a large pool of manuscripts for each journal to select.
  2. Claim the manuscript that the journal is interested in.
  3. eSub4Pub will decrease dual submission and dual publication.

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